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The role of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 

When children and young people with complex needs are placed in Local Authority care, they may be struggling with

  • emotional difficulties and anxiety
  • poor confidence or self-esteem
  • education/employment problems
  • concentration and attention problems
  • attachment based problems
  • risk behaviours - substance use, self harm or suicidal behaviour
  • relationship difficulties

We integrate the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry perspective as one of many views of a situation or problem.  This can be useful for casework discussions where issues are often complex. The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry perspective can serve to highlight key psychological processes or psychiatric disorders which may be impacting on the child.  In such instances, specific treatment may be indicated and this can be taken forward as part of a multi-faceted treatment/care plan.


Parenting and the under 5s

We have particular experience in the assessment of child and parent relationships in the pre-school years and we are happy to provide initial consultations direct to social work teams.


Complex Needs Assessments

We have experience in providing support to social work teams to achieve better outcomes for children in complex family or alternative placement environments. We can provide a holistic approach to assessment and ongoing support to the care provider in their direct work with the young person.


Our Reports

Our reports are comprehensive and solutions focussed, tailored to the needs of individual children. We identify strengths and already helpful interventions that can be built on, as well as areas where further work may be needed. 






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