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Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

A significant number of people in the UK are on the autism spectrum. The National Autistic Society estimates that with their families they make up around 2.8 million who have their lives touched by autism every day.

Autism is a lifelong, developmental condition that affects how

  • a person communicates  
  • they relate to others
  • they experience the world around them

For many years autism was thought to primarily affect boys and men. Recent research and lived experience have highlighted that girls and women can also be significantly affected.

For details of how to make a referral to our multidisciplinary assessment and ongoing therapy / support service (PLAIN TALK) please call Lucy Bateman on 07881 296811 or email her at


PLAIN TALK - Autism assessments and support

The Team       

With a focus on helping children, young people, and their families to get the most out of life, PLAIN TALK provides a holistic (individually tailored) assessment, treatment, and advice service for children, young people, and their families where there are concerns about their social or emotional wellbeing.

The PLAIN TALK team is multi-professional and is made up of

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Speech and language therapists                                           
  • Play specialists
  • Education specialists
  • Expert parents

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We take referrals from a number of sources including parents, GPs and Local Authorities.  The service may be funded privately or with the support of Statutory Services.

Our services are available where there are concerns about

  • difficulties with relationships, both within the family and with other children
  • emotional regulation
  • behaviour
  • communication
  • concentration
  • attention
  • poor sense of self-esteem
  • problems in education

Ongoing interventions and/or support packages are available as required.


The assessment

We offer a specialist, diagnostic and assessment service for children and young people where there are concerns about their having complex social and communication difficulties.

Children, young people, and their families are seen over half a day at our clinic where there is an

  • interview with a Psychiatrist
  • autism specific diagnostic and sensory assessment
  • assessment of play (age dependent)
  • assessment of speech and language development (if indicated)

Where needed there can be an observation in an education setting, which will contribute to the assessment.


The Report

You will receive a written report setting out

  • a formulation and diagnosis
  • identified needs and guidance on interventions already in use
  • recommendations for additional treatment options (if needed)
  • a clear understanding of the nature of the difficulties to assist professionals working with the child and family to provide appropriate intervention and support.


On going support and therapy

Where needed each of our professionals is able to offer ongoing support.


Amazing things happen - a lovely video about autism

This lovely video was produced in 2017. It is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences. The producers hope to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations.

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